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We are pleased to announce that Exquisite has been granted accreditation for ISO/IEC20000: 2018 – the ISO standard for IT service management accredited by APMG – the most reputable global accreditation and examination institute.

Following a thorough of independent & witnessed assessments which determine the level of compliance against the requirements of ISO/IEC 20000:2018, we have successfully met the required criteria to gain the APMG accreditation scope.

What is APMG ISO/IEC 20000?

ISO/IEC 20000 is the international standard specifically for IT Service Management. It describes an integrated set of management processes which form a service management system for the effective delivery of services to the business and its customers. APMG accredits certification bodies to deliver audit services for a broad range of professional certification schemes, including internally renowned solutions for Project, Business and Information & Technology (IT) Management, Cyber Security and Public-private partnerships.
APMG accreditation reflects the competence, impartiality, and performance capability of Exquisite, while also demonstrating APMG provides reliable services to industries. Exquisite has reached this important milestone in its development – all ISO/IEC 20000 certificates are now APMG accredited, which will give consumers even greater assurance that they are receiving a reliable, quality services.
Exquisite is an independent certification and inspection body, supporting business to define, measure and achieve their sustainability goals.

Find out more about, or apply for certification against APMG ISO/IEC20000 HERE